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The chick David Arquette nailed during his break from Courteney Cox couldn't have been too "shocked" when her sex tape went public ...because she had been SHOPPING IT herself for months!! the 28-year-old and her manager set up a meeting with porn giant Vivid Entertainment last year hoping to lock up a deal to star in her own XXX video ... We're told Waltz agreed to a deal that would pay her k up front PLUS 25% of the "back end" profits ...It was apparently voted the best book to masturbate to by someone, so the inscription has a different meaning than the usual one. Purely for people for whom understanding one's body is a totally new concept.I found it quite dreadful and not romantic, self-affirming, or meaningful.The book is an extremely well written story filled with laugh out loud humor, hilarious secondary characters (friends and relatives), a well-developed plot with passages of time that every woman will be able to identify with; no matter what the ethnicity or age.Example: Substitute pasta for Samosa, and the protagonist could be Italian.The characters, particularly Leena and her best friend Mahjong are appealing and authentic and the story draws you in from the first page and is thoroughly engaging.

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This book is written with class, humor, and well fleshed out three dimensional characters that you will come to love.

As a male reader, I can empathize with her poor husband but it was a real pleasure to watch Leena blossom into an empowered sexual being (with often comical and entertaining results - as the title suggests.)Jasmine Aziz is a wonderful writer.

I really enjoyed her crisp style - articulate and both sassy and sweet at the same time.

Life is good with her traditional family and her traditional marriage - that is,until Western culture intrudes and she finds herself at a sex toy party.

At first embarrassed by what she sees and learns at the party, Leena soon embarks on a life changing passage of self discovery (pun intended) that causes her traditional Eastern customs to clash with her new found Western behaviour in an endearing and often very funny way.