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Sometimes I keep William Beckett locked up in the basement for a while. It used to be called Lovers In A Basement, but they changed it to Snakes On A Plane." Yea, pretty much. Alex and Ryland(who are reading the question) exchange a look and elbow each other when they finish, and Gabe goes "I'm...

confused by the question." Ryland reads it off again, but says it quickly and quietly with a weird look on his face and goes "I don't know." Gabe does some disbelieving wave with his hands and goes "... It's true.(Ryland goes "yea.") I don't get what the big fuss is about, it's not a rumor." and shakes his head a little.

He developed an interest in music at the age of eight.

Saporta was greatly influenced by hip-hop music and later discovered an affinity towards punk and hardcore rock, listening to bands such as Gorilla Biscuits, NOFX and Lagwagon.

Honestly, I'd be thrilled if they really were dating, not many people would be surprised and I know lots of other friends of mine who would be happy too, cause they're just that cute.

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The group released one EP and three LP albums: The Sacrifice of Life, Save the World Lose the Girl, Living Well Is The Best Revenge and Forget What You Know, respectively.

These bands influenced him greatly, and as a teenager, he adopted a straight edge lifestyle.

Of his teenage years, Saporta recalled, "I was pretty much just as obnoxious as I am now, but louder.

Saporta then joined another band, Humble Beginnings.

Saporta attended Rutgers University and majored in philosophy.