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Performing on stage and in front of so many wild fans must make acting weird for this drama a cake walk, as seen in the official BTS footage of the leads filming their epic PPAP dance off in the median walkway of a busy Seoul street.

I think it’s easier to be embarrassingly weird when its in the company of others and what better group than four very charismatic and photogenic partners in crime.

And when I accidentally saw him in Weightlifting Fairy (for lack of kdramas that interested me for months), I thought he looks like the actor in Scarlet only to confirm later that they are indeed one and the same. Now I have something new to go crazy in Kdrama land. I fall in love with you for the first time when I watch your drama Who Are You.

:) I first saw NJH in Scarlet Heart Rhyeo (I'm not sure if I got it correctly) and I thought he's really something more so because of his good looks though his name did not quite register to me then.

His acting on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo suits him tho.

Also, NJH is a young actor, he would need acting experience to grow as an actor, Im sure he can, his got all the equipment, just need to push the right buttons. He hasn't been acting for long, he's been given some great parts and I'm sure he'll get better with experience. LOL hahaha Your acting was so Great in Weightlifting fairy.

He suits the comedic roles really well but needs to do more diverse characters like he done with Scarlet Heart.

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Como dije antes Yoon Eun Hye es una de nuestras actrice favoritas y en la posicion 17 participa en un drama-comedia fabuloso... podras disfrutar de candentes escenas y besos hermosos...