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This project guide describes the processes and roles required to accomplish them.

Detailed information specific to each migration project about each task, especially technical information, is provided in the migration guide for that project.

These documents are considered living documents, meaning they will be updated continuously throughout the Planning Phase.

Diligent work in the Planning Phase, which often involves several iterations of plans and schedules, should mitigate risks and increase chances for success.

The team continues to identify all risks throughout the phase, and it addresses new risks as they emerge.

The conceptual design depicts the functionality present for each major feature of the solution.

Table 3.1 Major Planning Phase Tasks and Owners Developing the solution design and architecture The team begins the design process with the solution design and architecture and culminates it with a design document that becomes part of the functional specification.

Developing the project plans The team develops a collection of plans that address how the six MSF team roles will perform their tasks.

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