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大众 Dazhong (turquoise), 强生 Qiangshen (orange), 锦江 Jinjiang (white), and 海博 Haibo (dark blue) are also less likely to take you around in circles.

The first two, Dazhong and Qiangshen, are considered the most trustworthy by foreigners and locals alike.

To find the latest housing listings in Shanghai, check out our housing section.

Facebook might take over your life, but We Chat will make you its bitch. First off, the golden rule of traveling in Shanghai: Street numbers will get you nowhere. The metro closes at 11pm or earlier, and it's not always the most direct way of getting somewhere.

Don't discuss sensitive topics here -- or on phones in general for that matter. Luckily, taxis are super cheap in Shanghai compared to other world cities, but not all taxi companies are created equally.

If you forget your phone or other item in a taxi, you’re more likely to get it back if you rode in one of the big four companies than many smaller ones.

Housing scams are big around here, so don’t agree to deals where your key is mailed to you, and don’t pay more than a month’s deposit. Don't ever give more than two months as a security despoit, but always bargain to pay one month at a time and give a one month security deposit.

In fact, you may wanna just spend your first week staying in hostels around the city until you figure out which area you want to live in.