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The difference is mainly driven by more productive and more profitable service sectors concentrating in Kuala Lumpur rather than in the rest of the country (in 2016, the service sector made up 69% of the total GVA in Kuala Lumpur versus 42% in the rest of the country).

Kuala Lumpur's disposable income per household is 70% higher than the average for the rest of Malaysia, as of 2016.Despite having one of the highest disposable incomes per household among ASEAN capitals (USD35,500 in 2016), the capital also faces excessive levels of inequality Accounting for 35% of national GDP in 2016, Kuala Lumpur is the country's centre of economic activity and growth.The city, on average, was 67% more productive than the rest of the country in 2016, in terms of GVA per employee.The most prominent consumer spending categories in the city were hotels and restaurants and education, with households spending, respectively, 106% and 117% more than the rest of the country in 2016.In terms of city affordability, Kuala Lumpur is rather affordable - consumer expenditure on transport and housing per household was 54% higher in the city compared to the rest of Malaysia in 2016, compared to the 70% disposable income advantage.