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Declined again, called them again and they said they had to text me a password, and I would have to read it back them. They told me that I would have to break up nto multiple purchases?????? Tried to talk to the most incompetent customer service agents for the next hour with no explanation.

I will never do business again, and it explains why they are being bought out.

To top it off there site and custmer service number Cables has gone down hill over the last few years I have been a black card holder for years and will leave due to very poor customer service.

There credit card service as well as store employee's have forgotten the meaning of good service.

I am not paying that credit card off if my life depended on it. It doesn't matter how good you are with paying them on time, never going over the limit and basically being a good customer.

If you pay the balance off and they don't like your current credit score at that time they will take away your credit limit messing with your credit score even more.

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Days later im getting called from there debt collection, who has no information to what happened just that i didnt pay, long story short because of this small error they dropped my limit by 00 putting a 20 point dent in my credit score.They added my boyfriend as an authorized user then closed my account the next day.When I call to discuss this issue with someone, they hang up in my face. They are fucking cunts and should not work in the customer service field.Found out that the card won't be replaced for 10 days.This makes is very difficult to use if it is your everyday card.