Firefox url not updating Free camsprivat com

The Javascript Scripting Interface does not include iim Init and iim Exit, because they are not required. The regular i Macros Scripting Interface is now available for Linux.It allows you to remote control Firefox and Chrome via Python.Supported commands: Note that the syntax of the regular, commercial Windows Web Scripting Interface and the built-in Firefox Javascript Scripting Interface is identical (unless where explicitly noted). By default each Javascript step is shown during replay.This option is useful for testing and debugging, but it slows down the Javascript execution artificially.If you need to run more than one js script in i Macros for Firefox at the same time, you have to use a different Firefox profile for each script and make sure each opens as a different process.Mozilla Firefox, the complete browser, can be scripted with the commercial i Macros Enterprise Edition (= i Macros Scripting API).

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Examples: i Macros for Firefox automatically installs the SI-Run-Test.js, SI-Get-Exchange-Rate.js, and (View Script Source Code) example javascripts.

If you start Firefox a second time, Firefox will direct this new command automatically to the already running instance.

Now i Macros can "see" the imacros://run/ URL and start the macro.

So the imacros://run/ command does get intercepted already but not yet processed by i Macros and a blank page appears.

Solution: Make sure that Firefox is already running.