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The new feature is also interesting because is shows that Facebook is thinking about how it can better connect nearby people who share the same interests.

The company is often thinking of new ways to bring people together.

Here, you’re prompted to update your bio and add featured photos to your profile.

However, you’re not able to customize an introduction that’s meant to be seen only by those in the “Discover People” section.

And, at the very bottom of the screen, there are ways to browse through people living in your town or through a list of people who work at your company.

None of the sections will show you the profiles of those you’ve already friended on Facebook, as the feature is designed to facilitate making new connections.

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While not explicitly stepping into the realm of dating with “Discover People,” Facebook is likely concerned about the growing number of dating apps inching into its territory.

The icebreaker, of course, is already available – you’re both going to the same event, after all.

That being said, not everyone will feel comfortable with their profile being used in this way.

Facebook says only public information is shown on the profiles that display here.

There’s a bit of a stalker-ish feel to some of this, given that you’re swiping through the profiles of strangers, in many cases, as many Facebook events are open to the public.