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They only answer to their clients and act on trust in their interests.The separation of planning and implementation sets up the preconditions for the best possible solutions.About 3 000 members employing in their firms more than 45 000 highly skilled consultants and engineers - this is the German Association of Consulting Engineers - VBI (Verband Beratender Ingenieure), one of the leading associations worldwide for consultancy and engineering.VBI member firms play a key role in the development of infrastructure in Germany and in the international market.VERBAND BERATENDER INGENIEURE VBIBUDAPESTER STRASSE 31D-10787 BERLINTEL: 49 30 26062 0FAX: 49 30 26062 100E-MAIL: [email protected] Since the VBI was established in 1903 as an association of leading planners and consulting engineers, membership has been a sign of very high levels of qualifications, extensive experience, and status as an independent consultant.The spectrum of VBI member companies covers the entire range from highly-specialised one-man engineering operations to global engineering groups.They offer the ideal solution for all requirements: technology, organisation, logistics and commercial.

In view of the proposed expansion of the European Union, a further priority of the international activities of VBI is cooperation with professional engineering bodies in Central and Eastern European countries.

The work of VBI members begins long before the construction of a building, with feasibility studies, advice on financing, and the project development.

In their consulting work they link together the various specialist contributions to a single whole.

This is why VBI takes special care to select highly qualified, independent partners known for their integrity.

Independent is the key word for the services provided by the planners and consulting engineers organised in VBI.