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The medieval developments of the classical Indian dance and music led to the introduction of desi gharanas, in addition to the classical gharanas codified in Natya Shastra.

The desi gharanas further developed into the present-day adavus.

After the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, the United States dramatically increased immigration from the subcontinent.

As increasing number of students from the subcontinent arrived in the U. and UK, their countries of origin were colloquially referred to as .

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While the original Sanskrit word meant 'country', with time its usage shifted more towards referring to people, cultures, and products of a specific region; for example, desi food, desi calendars, and desi dress.

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For example, all things Indian including Indian expatriates were referred to as "desi".

Some second or third generation immigrants do not think of themselves as belonging to a particular nation, sub-culture, or caste, but as just plain South Asians or desis, especially as intermarriage between different South Asian diaspora communities increases. S., as in other countries, some diaspora desis are creating a "fusion" culture, in which foods, fashions, music, and the like from many areas of South Asia are "fused" both with each other and with elements from Western culture.

It is differentiated from Indian-made foreign liquor such as Indian made whisky, rum, vodka, etc.

In North America, "desi cuisine" or "desi food" most often refers to dishes commonly served in North Indian communities, especially Westernised The term desi and its usage to label peoples from the entire subcontinent has been criticised by some as inaccurate and stereotypical given the vast geography as well as the ethnic, cultural, linguistic and racial diversity of the region.