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It goes over the Basics, Standards, the truth about good men, confidence and attitude, and much more!(paperback e Book)Relationship Resolution Signature Course (RRSC)This course is the premiere training tool that helps you create, build, and maintain a successful relationship.It's a 4-week self-paced online learning experience.You get my book The Truth with the course, along with many other tools, resources, downloads, videos and worksheets. Relationship Resolution Guidebooks 1,2 and 3 The Truth e Book!He is a teacher and a student of all things relationship.The Truth: The Blueprint to Relationships This book has 11 chapters and discusses in detail what building and keeping a relationship is all about.You will receive tips and simple skills that will change the way that you interact with women, because now you have Ninja Dating Skills.

Isang putok sa sintido ang tumapos sa buhay ng 36 anyos na si Conrado Fonseca, Jr.So I offer up the following advice on online dating, to be considered for your entertainment, self-improvement, or otherwise.The one upside of constantly dealing with these ridiculous online dating follies is that it provides endless entertainment for me and my friends. When I was younger, my father did his best to teach me how to be a gentleman. And yet, even with all he taught me on manners and how to act in public, there was one area that he never touched on. Being a gentleman is a serious Dating Ninja Skill in today’s 30 dating scene. And conducting yourself with tact and decorum is the most important one that seems to be lost in today’s society. How to eat with the correct silverware and have good table manners.