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While that task might be an insurmountable challenge in 4,000 words (and I don't necessarily accept that to be the case), a short story can go up to 10,000 words or so, a novelette or novella considerably longer.

Surely the realms of fantasy and SF offer plenty of counter-examples to disprove Pulley's claim.

Every once in a while, I accept a non-fiction book, or one that's fictionalized non-fiction, and from those I sometimes hit a jackpot of information.

Today I want to point you to a book that is being promoted heavily by one of the biggest publishers in the world, Penguin Group.

Natasha Pulley, writing for THE GUARDIAN, maintains, "Fantasy cannot build its imaginary worlds in short fiction." Huge novels in multi-volume series, according to this blogger, aren't a cynical marketing ploy but a necessity of the genre.

When satisfying high fantasy short works exist, in her opinion, they tend to be spinoffs from established fictional universes.

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However, the claim that a satisfactory imaginary world can't be built in a short story—that "If you write real high fantasy in 4,000 words, details and all, it tends to be a snippet, not a story"—goes too far, in my opinion.Octavia Butler's "Bloodchild" immediately leaps to mind.This classic short story gives the reader a vivid, three-dimensional picture of an alien planet, its dominant intelligent species, and the role of the human colonists in that world.Dot your close friends — and other people who you knows close.Dot in-the special moment of them and updates on the things that interest you to dot like music, photos, video, store, blog, or interesting places, than share it Join for FREE and find your soulmate from millions of members in the USA, UK and worldwide.