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“Yagimoto-san, sorry for the trouble.” “Sorry, I am late.” Kazuhiro was late to the appointment by two minutes. “I-I am truly sorry for the trouble…” Her eyes were looking downward, and she kept moving her fingers in circles. Without giving a chance for Kazuhiro to ask any question, they had already arrived at a high-end brand store near the station. Since Sanae was a frequent visitor, Kazuhiro decided to leave everything to her, or else he might make mistakes. However, the only way out now was to act in his designated role no matter what. He resolved himself to not back down, and not give up. That said, being a fake lover was still pretty sad. Most of it was composed of foreign language, hard to understand for Kazuhiro.

Sanae and Saotome requested the same thing from them, the difference was that Sanae would not resort to hugging him from behind to coerce him into help her. He had heard of this brand before, and it was expensive. Anyways, we need to let them see that we are together, or else…” what is happening? If the trio who was following them heard Sanae’s explanation, that this date is just a pretense, everything would come to light. Welcome to our gallery.” The manager of the gallery, similar to the salespeople, made an effort to come out and greet Sanae. Sanae also seemed to understand Kazuhiro’s intention, and proceeded to give details about the art works. “It’s still too early to eat dinner, and I have something to do later anyways. ” “Of course, please go ahead.” Sanae replied with her head tilted. Granted, there were tiny Japanese translations on the side, but terms like “Burgundy flavor” were confusing, and Kazuhiro was not able to comprehend such words.

High-quality products were high-quality without a doubt. Kazuhiro would not normally be associated with that sort of thing. “I want two big-mac and a large orange juice, with fries.” Right. About ten meters away was a fast food restaurant, and Takana was currently there buying her meal. However, if he was discovered, how should he explain this? The best strategy was to get out of here quick, and evade all problems. ” Kazuhiro grabbed the confused Sanae and quickly exited the scene. However, the other group still kept following them. I suddenly recalled that in TV drama, girls would call their boyfriends, only to hear their voices. If they are from the underground society, did that imply that Sanae was the daughter of a mafia boss?

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Kazuhiro, on the other hand, stood there with his mouth hanging open. A pair of simple yet elegant pants and a jacket in blue and gray, matched with a slim necktie and a bright-colored shirt, looked formal enough without losing class. On a date, he was not supposed to think about other girls, even if this wasn’t a real one. Kazuhiro couldn’t help himself but turned his head. From the look of it, Takana was only thinking of eating, and has not yet spotted Kazuhiro. She was far away, wholly absorbed in eating her hamburger. ” In TV drama, there was a clichéd scene where a man would get a call from his wife in the middle of a date with his mistress. Another thing to note was that they must be pretty familiar with each other, as she even knew Sanae’s preference for tea.

“Concentrating all firepower in a short amount of time will make it end faster. ” “This is how one would feel when her boyfriend try to cheer her up… It was a warning for the alarm clock that he had set previously. Kazuhiro also had some urgent matters to attend to. Because of you, now I have incentive to do the second part of my work. Even though she changed into waiter’s uniform, there could be no mistake. She seemed to have a cold personality, almost like a big sister of numerous gangsters. Nothing at all.” Kazuhiro took a deep breath, and reminded himself to not be afraid. Of course, that would be acting in the role of a lover, and showing his manliness.

This will make it easier as well for Kazuhiro to get a girlfriend,” Saotome had said something like this. I feel really happy, almost as if I have received some sort of mysterious power…” Saotome produced a winning smile, with her cheeks a tad bit flushed, making Kazuhiro’s heart beat in a frenzy. Don’t fall for me for real.” She turned and ran toward the entrance for check-in as she left those words for Kazuhiro. He jogged toward the “Honey Drops”, and entered through the backdoor. Thanks.” Saotome thought that Kazuhiro was only joking. “Sigh…” A sudden fit of fatigue invaded Kazuhiro, causing him to slug his shoulders. The waiter pulled back the chair for Sanae, allowing her to sit down. Then, another waiter– no, even though she was wearing a waiter’s uniform, she was a girl, so she should be called a waitress– brought the menu to the table. ” Kazuhiro was so scared that he almost shouted out, but he managed to cover his mouth in the last moment. This waitress was one of the trio who followed them earlier– the beautiful short-haired woman. ” The short-haired, beautiful woman spoke in an unyielding tone, filled with menace. Although Sanae was paying for the meal, in this kind of situation, a man gotta do what a man could do, not to mention that the waitress already brought over the menu.

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