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Can she just trust other but not Jane Wook whom stayed with her for years... can she trust others in business like her personal matter??? ,dal nim fighting back,sun hoo start to believe is not boring for me....fighting all the cast,writer nim,and all crew...i really enjoy thos series ?????? I typically don't like to watch daily drama because I find it's usually ridiculous. Yoon so powerful yet do not understand her Daughter. i like this very interesting...kinda slow but its okey because it's have 120 series ?People go into dating relationships with a variety of desires and expectations (psychological, social, physical, etc) they are looking to see fulfilled.They may be aware of some of their desires and expectations, while being unaware and unconscious of others. I don't specially like long drama, but this one is a very good one, every episode there is a new mister and the writer keeps on catching us, hope that it will not be boring until episode 120. Sun Ho a man without decision and weak and always do not speak out. Regardless it's an option for viewers to continue to watch the drama.. Do not understand why JW and DN cannot be together. Talk at corridors and let others hear their conversation. I did find Kim Ho-Chang/Hong Se-Gang, who I liked as a minor office worker in, Here Comes Love, but in this drama he is terrible. I can understand why there are complaints on how it is dragging and how episodes are over exaggerated, but that's the whole point on how to get the viewers attention.The idealization of early dating and the thrill of early sexual relations tend to wear off as people come to know each other better.While just about everyone is shown to have redeeming characteristics, some partners are revealed as unreliable, uncommunicative or unable to reciprocate trust and intimacy.

Otherwise, I will be bored out of my brain with what...120 episodes. If Korean screenwriters, directors and actors want to "lift their game", then use "The Godfather" as the benchmark with which to measure your work. When I watched "Heaven's Promise," getting through the beginning with the children and the moments before the main plot began was VERY painful, but there was at least some interesting issue that made me want to get to the other side and see them resolved.I cannot understand why the same thing happens over and over again in this drama. I heard Japanese and Thai TV shows have now surpassed Korean low-standard TV shows. In this day and age no one can be THAT naive and stupid - particularly when one live south of the border to a bunch of Communists!The writer is insane and should stop writing forever. When one lives in close proximity to such threat, your level of awareness is better than most people living elsewhere in the world. Yes, I find it sometimes absurd for the female main character's unending misfortune but that's what makes it become a typical drama. I am wishing it progress into some more sweet and kisses romance between dal nim and so ho but it seems making another plot for dal nim so that so ho will mistrust and causes no confidence on dal nim. We love to see dal nim and so ho intimate sweet scene and killing the villain girl to jealousy..i think it will make the viewers happy.Time to move on to a better-scripted Korean TV show. Please, more scene with dal nim and so ho together. And they are going to drag this out to 120 episodes. I love this drama because of the female lead star, im a fan.In regards to the story, the story makes you curious what is the next episode, its interesting.