Dating terms of use

The offer of free future attendance only applies to events that you have not previously booked on to and must be claimed within two months.We will not issue refunds for places already booked for future events under the guarantee.If the cancellation request is within 7 days of an event, there is no obligation for the company to offer a refund or the option to transfer to another event.We will make every effort to hold events at the dates, times and locations specified on our web site.Although the company makes every effort to develop a robust fully secure online booking service we disclaim liability for any security issues which may occur.

Such damages include, without limitation, emotional distress and discomfort, physical damages or bodily injury.

Upon booking through a third party you are accepting the third parties refund policy terms and conditions.

Speed Dating aims to offer participants 10 or more dates per event but is unable to guarantee this quantity.

The price paid at the time of booking may subsequently change in the run up to an event, and no monies can be refunded for any difference.

The company reserves the right to offer discounted prices to selected individuals.