Dating science adam lyons

The goal of this program is to show you what to do to make women obsessed with you.It breaks this down into three categories, and you can focus on whichever one is of more interest to you at this moment in time.For example, you might want something casual with a woman or you might want a more serious relationship.The science behind all of this involves releasing dopamine in a woman's brain so that she feels good when she's with you and will get addicted to that feeling.So there's some good info here on that aspect and it's worth checking out if you want to find out how and why people fall in love or have their emotions influenced.You'll get the most from the Obsession Formula if you're already able to meet women and hold conversations with them.This is all about tapping into the desire women have to be a sexual temptress, in the vein of Marilyn Monroe.Adam talks about how a lot of women are frustrated due to the judgement placed on them by society when it comes to their sexuality.

The written transcripts are full of mistakes and don't make much sense.

So if you're a beginner that has trouble meeting women and holding a conversation, you'll need more to get results with women than just what is mentioned here.

If you have some confidence with doing that already, then you'll get more value from what's taught here.

The second option you have is to tap into a woman's chasing fantasy, which Adam uses Cleopatra to demonstrate.

This is all about getting a woman to become obsessed with you by presenting yourself as the man she can see herself having a better life with.