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Assumptions are made which can be totally wrong and are never tested.

Now we know how to make petrified wood and it only takes days I submit to you that nature only takes days or weeks to make petrified wood and that it can only be formed in a short time under proper circumstances.This new type of ceramic could be made from natural biological material, which is cheap and renewable and easy to form.As explained in their article the process involved soaking wood in acid infused with either titanium or silicon and baked in an argon filled furnace. The original cellulose structure of the wood acts as a template.They concluded that the same process was taking place as in the Miocene. Yamamoto, 2004 Rapid wood silicification in hot spring water: An explanation of siilicification of wood during the earth's history, Sedimentary Geology , vol. They took these samples and subjected them to heat and pressure.  With the help of higher heat they could get their transformation to oil in days and hours not the millions of years theorized by geologists.Being the astute scientists that they were they decided to set up an experiment by putting fresh alder wood from the area tethered with stainless steel wire and immersing them in the hot springs.   They found however that heat alone could not break some of the molecular bonds.