Dating old milk bottle

Advertisements have played a major role in many businesses, including the glass milk bottling industry.

The family said besides the customers’ love of the nostalgia and seeing the cream line at the top, using glass also prevents the milk from absorbing chemicals from the container. This indispensable reference covers more than 50 bottle categories from the 19th and 20th centuries, including Avon, Barber, Perfume and Cologne, Fruit, Hutchinson, Ink, Medicine, Milk, Soda, Jim Beam, Beer, Whiskey and Miniature. This led to home deliveries of bread, milk and other necessities.Yes, delivery men from companies such as Jewel T, Omar Bread, Ucker Dairy, Buckeye Potato Chips and the Fuller Brush Co.During wartime, slogans appeared on many bottles promoting victory, patriotism, buying war bonds and stamps.Such slogans as “The United States is a sound investment, buy war bonds and stamps” appeared on bottles with a picture of the Statue of Liberty.