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The ‘Word Of Mouth Tour 2017’ will include their massive 80s hit single ' The Living Years’ which became a number one hit in the US. Their other classic hits will include; Silent Running; All I Need Is A Miracle; Word Of Mouth, Another Cup of Coffee, and the unforgettable Over My Shoulder to name a few…Sunday 19 March We had everything arranged to see the concert to start at 7.30, but we arrived to find that they didn't start until 8.30, with a 'warm up act' at 7.30, and a 25 min interval.Ask business owners what’s most effective for customer acquisition, and you’ll likely hear “word-of-mouth.” It makes sense, because if you ask most consumers how they hear about small businesses, they’ll give you the exact same answer. Or is there a way to harness it to actually grow your business?So it’s not surprising the top SMB business resolution for 2015 was “Increase my word-of-mouth” according to a national SMB poll on Alignable (The Small Business Network). To begin to understand how you can harness word-of-mouth, let’s start by defining it.This is already starting to happen in country, which is gaining traction on streaming services. You’ve got to have a scene, you’ve got to have word of mouth. Too many Luddites inured to the CD who want to live in their silos.

] while the flows are bombarded Arch rivals stifled by the likes of me and Met' Slice ya face and neck Place the set, collect, pay your debt Place your bet Stakes is hijinks, chase my jet [If crazy heads] don't make 'em pets I'm with the dead Got butt-naked snakes and bad fate to take my bread I fucked mother nature, made a ten-acre spread And ain't break a sweat Flowin' like period on the 28th of Mayhem I make sense that's worth a pennyweight Evacuate, this track'll make you chickenheads ejaculate You can't imagine it My fire make ya flow evaporate Set the date, step to the square I scared the record straight Defecate in ya mouth and house you like Section 8 Near the rate Of these litigates will leave a better taste in your flow So middle aged men, will obliterate [Hook:] I could burn ya, I could learn ya Somthin' by ya, I could earn ya title (Famous Last Words) I could defeat you, beseech you To retreat, delete you (Famous Last Words) Son I blast you, I smash you Point my gat at you, bless You (Famous Last Words) I'm the toughest, brag, and puffin' drags With eight heads in a duffle bag (Famous Last Words) [Verse 3:] MCs scared to be square My style's intimidatin' They mimic me, timidly, simulatin' my symmetry Claim they innovatin' I sin like Satan Breaking they flow with flames DISINTIGRATIN' When they taking it all in vain Main lie generatin' Dollars and followers at the same time They call my name hollerin' in the Hall of Fame I shine like halogen, got it locked with ball and chain Ya'll all remain minute I dilute, ya potency No MC could hold the fate of my future [Verse 4: Mr. I stake me all in they heart I'm way smart, I went to K-Mart And stole a Go Kart Went up the flow chart When the show start, I cause a ruckus With rhymes on like [island?If you’re not fighting for every dollar, you’re not gonna get many dollars. There are four hundred plus scripted shows a year, but only a few winners. Now you can chase success, build on a story, add fuel to the fire, but it’s the public that makes hits today, certainly in streaming, and if you’ve been paying attention, streaming rules, it’s taken over the music business. Become our ambassador with our Word-of-mouth programin reward to our customers having stayed at Village-Vacances.But now the public decides what deserves attention. And if someone likes one cut of yours, they’re going to check out more.What happened in hip-hop is gonna happen to all other genres. No, that’s not completely true, but hip-hop is about continuous product, oftentimes released for free, and then something catches fire and runs up the Spotify chart and STAYS THERE! Your success is based upon cumulative streams, not sales of albums, and the streams go on forever.