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She said the prosescutor's office never filed a formal motion to continue the sentence, she said.The judge called Miday's statement "an attack on the bench." "It's a sad state of affairs in this county if any judge starts changing dates because one party made a phone call," Russo said.

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She stood at a lectern, periodically clutching at her side and back for support, as she recalled the day Christian sneaked into her house, stole her daughter, sexually abused her over 17 hours, then returned her to the neighborhood by stuffing her into a duffel bag.

She said her daughter, who is now 7, was in counseling and had to be treated with strong HIV drugs after the brutal rape.

The advocate was told to make the request through the prosecutor's office, and Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Ana Faraglia called Russo's chambers to ask to reschedule the hearing for Wednesday.

One of Christian's lawyers, Tom Shaughnessy, was also in the room with Faraglia during the call. Faraglia acknowledged that she knew about the scheduled induction on Thursday but had forgotten, and asked Russo to move the date.