Dating heavy smoking women

I wasn't smoking at the time in an attempt to get healthy, and was exercising frequently to help that goal.He also worked out constantly, but because of his smoking, his sexual endurance gradually lessened as he was less able to perform strenuous activities without huffing and puffing and taking breaks.Illness Obviously, people who smoke have to worry about heart disease, lung disease and other serious issues, but in general, smokers just plain get sick more often.While your partner will likely be a-okay with taking care of you, it's not exactly fun to deal with a person who perpetually gets colds and could likely avoid many of them if only he or she would just quit smoking. Sexual Endurance When I was in college, I dated a guy who smoked every day.This was noticeably frustrating and decreased our sexual activity — leaving us both unsatisfied.5.

Life Expectancy Should you be lucky enough to find the one person you want to stay with and decide to spend the rest of your life with him, you want that life to be long.In fact, this kind of casual smoking—what many people often refer to as “only smoking when drunk”—has become predominant, particularly because of its perceived lack of health effects, the study authors note.Many light smokers consider smoking “only once in a while” as not harmful; while they understood smoking to be risky, the authors write, they did not consider the risk as high as non-smokers.The fact that the women who are smoking lightly tend to be young and of childbearing age is especially worrisome, they note, since smoking can not only affect conceiving and fertility but can also put women at higher risk for disorders such as cancer of the cervix.Beyond pregnancy effects, very light smokers are susceptible to the same issues that affect heavier smokers, including depression, psychological distress, and dependence on other controlled substances, the study found.