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The increase in the number of mobile subscribers has fuelled increases in mobile internet use in Africa and we are considered to be at the cusp of a mobile internet revolution.Predictions are that mobile internet use in Africa will increase twenty fold in the next five years …Africa is indeed rising but this has not always been the case.On May 13th 2000, The Economist, an international current affairs magazine, had on its cover page a silhouette of the African continent, within it was the image of an armed guerrilla fighter; its caption read: “The Hopeless Continent”.Importantly, these outcomes also speak directly to our ‘companies and not code’ philosophy in the Ministry of Communicaiton Technology.

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Nigeria’s ICT venture fund has been years in the raising.One report that highlights this potential predicts that the Internet can contribute up to 300 billion United States dollars to Africa’s GDP by 2025; and this is from an estimated 18 billion in 2013.This translates directly to opportunities to generate income, to create wealth, to create jobs, new business opportunities, economic expansion, etcetera.But not without its challenges, which IBM has encapsulated and coined as Africa’s Grand Challenges.These include education, access to water, energy, healthcare, financial inclusion, public safety and transport and agriculture.