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Contrary to popular belief, porcupines cannot throw or launch their quills – direct contact with the point is necessary to be injured.When encountering porcupines, physical touching is necessary to get stuck with the hurtful quills.For most of the year the North American porcupine is a solitary animal, but as fall approaches, the female will emit a scented mucus with her urine that will attract the males. Once the female choses a mate, she will be in heat when she gets sprayed with urine from the male. This usually happens in a tree with the male several feet above the female.To avoid each partner’s 20,000 to 30,000 quills, the couple will contract their skin, causing the quills to lay flat during the reproductive process.Though not the largest of the United States’ national parks, it is noteworthy for its dense concentration of geysers, mudpots, steam vents and hot springs.

In the spring the female will give birth to a single porcupette with very soft quills, but it takes only a few minutes for the quills to harden and become weapons.

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The wailing male was following closely behind the female while she was coughing and grunting.

A couple of times she would turn to face the male, and the two would rub noses.