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Don’t Overcommunicate How long should you converse with someone online before meeting in person?Ignoring the possibility of a catfish disaster, the 2012 Northwestern study suggested that communicating online for more than six weeks can create unrealistic expectations.It might be the subtle descriptors or characteristics you can’t see on a profile that will predict a good match.Online daters should be wary of this when browsing profiles.For the not-so-musically-inclined, hit Movieoke at The Whistler on the first Monday of every month, where instead of song lyrics, you'll be quoting your favorite movie scenes on stage.Just stay away from anything from Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, bring a bottle of wine, and kick back on the lawn.From improv shows and ice cream crawls, to Segway tours and staycations, here are the best ways to woo a significant other in the Second City now.

Online dating has become the second most common way that married and committed couples meet each other, just behind meeting through friends, according to a 2012 report by scientists at the University of Rochester.Know What You Want When people browse profiles online, the characteristics they search for in a partner might differ drastically from what they’re actually attracted to in person.The characteristics that draw attention on someone’s profile like height, religion, and political beliefs might not be important in creating a meaningful relationship.Finding a significant other through traditional means – at social gatherings or events – may require one set of social skills, but online dating changes the playing field and the strategies needed to find a compatible partner.So, how can you put your best foot forward and maximize your chances of finding your significant other?