Daniel tosh dating megan abrigo

After Tosh’s first break-up, he was completely broken and didn’t look for any serious relationship until he met Megan.

He once stated that he would never give up on her because she meant everything to him.

It is because we can’t find any pictures or information about his wife at all.

To let you guys know, he is quite active on social sites.

However, things don’t exactly work like you plan and they had to split up.

Daniel talked about Megan in a poor manner in front of his viewers; which later on became the primary reason for their break.

Tosh himself has never confirmed or denied the rumors.

For one, he has been in a relationship before and was spotted severally with his then girlfriend, more on that anon…Tosh’s singlehood and support for LGBTQ rights have forced many of his fans to think of him as a gay man.

On You Tube, we can find a video uploaded by Alpha Life to support this statement that he is single and has no children; and that the Ballerina tweet is nothing more than his usual jokes.

Being the king in the comedy world, it is no surprise about him making jokes like this, though.

The post immediately garnered many retweets as fans were quick to bombard him with questions.

Tosh didn’t answer to any of the questions, leaving his fans to mere speculations.