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So even when I’m not in the middle of a full-blown breakout, my skin still looks like shit. I’ve been trying to avoid dairy for pretty much my entire adult life. But I definitely notice I break out more when I eat a lot of dairy.

This past year I’ve mostly stopped eating meat and eggs, too.

” Even my therapist told me recently she doesn’t notice it. But then on the other hand, because I’ve written about acne a bunch, sometimes I feel like I have to apologize for my skin not looking worse?

The thing is, I’ve had acne for fucking fifteen years straight.

I’m really depressed with acne lately and would love to talk about it with you. I always felt like shit about myself or cried when I left cause I never went until the acne was already really bad and I was in crisis.

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I did a month where I cut the caffeine, sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy from my diet completely, and my skin was great that month!

I started being a dermo slut but it was never great.

So that complicates things because they don’t come to a head, and nothing topical works.

But it was really difficult and expensive and time-consuming to figure out what to eat and prepare it.

So I started eating more normally again, but I was more conscious of what I ate because it felt like I had proof that my diet was part of the problem.