Checkedlistbox not updating

Thanks, -Al So lets say you have a form with a button on it. It's so easy in vb6 and, so there has to be some way in C#, right?

So I replace any new value with the old one of the old one was indeterminate.My form1 has a checkedlistbox that is being populated by datatable, then there's a button to open form2 that will add records in checkboxlist.Now when the form2 closes, checkedlistbox from form1 will refresh. Sorry, your original post didn't mention that you were showing the form modally (which is what happens when you call Show Dialog), the code above was an example of how you can execute code in Form1 when Form2 is closed. Refresh() was an example, it just causes the form to repaint, …I first did this by turning off toggle on click and (Selection Mode was set to None) and then making a custom event handler upon click. With a little help from our friends at Microsoft [1] I instead inserted an Item Check Event Handler (read more at [2]).This way we can still toggle the values we should be able to toggle with for example the keyboard.