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“He could have gotten away with all of it if only he had gotten himself elected president.” Baldwin himself recently received backlash for comments he made about the Weinstein fallout.In an interview with “PBS News Hour” posted Friday, Baldwin said he had heard rumors that Weinstein raped Rose Mc Gowan, and talked about how settlements silence women and wondered whether the agreements delay “the course of change.” On Saturday, Baldwin tweeted that he is temporarily suspending his personal Twitter account.However after learning Toni "has no money", she cuts ties with Toni, reminding him that she is Salvatore's girl and not to hit on her.Toni appeared in the game to be much thinner than his appearance in GTA III.

After being released, Toni and Salvatore go to see the mayor, Miles O'Donovan, to get his charges dropped.

A grateful Salvatore Leone gives Toni jobs, but because he was out of town for so many years, other members of the Leone Family have had the time to move up in the hierarchy.

Salvatore was forced to strip Toni out of his rank and give the position to Vincenzo Cilli during his leave of absence.

Toni left Liberty City and decided to lay low in a foreign country after killing a rival made man (presumably Forelli or Sindacco family) under orders from Salvatore Leone.

He finally returned to the city in 1998, ready to continue his life of organized crime.