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that, and why would glen still be alive if sid died years ago? I'd also like to take this time to tell all those emo freaks out there, EMO IS NOT PUNK! That's the former Marxist rebel group that made up Angola's government and still does.

congrats to the pistols for their fabulous letter to the rnr hall of fame. In his book, "I Was A Teen-Age Sex Pistol," Matlock says the original three of he, Jones and Cook were looking for a vocalist when Mc Laren brought Lydon to them for the purpose, and their first impression was that he couldn't sing. At the time they were fighting a civil war against another group, UNITA, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola.

Clearly challenges with sleep that span multiple years affect many of us. Dr Canapari is a father to 2, a pediatric pulmonologist & sleep expert, and is thinking of starting a blog!This was cashing in on the punk scene and turning it into pop music for the mini mainstream /alternative teenyboppers who liked to think they were punk - but are about as punk as Blink 182 are (of the time).For what its worth, I rather enjoy most of the Pistol's songs.... With the greatest respect, Bill of Martinsville , NJ. The Sex Pistols was as raw as raw can be in the music industry,whatever followed by whoever thereafter, was in some way influenced by them.- Bill, Martinsville, NJ"You'd never dream of it happening today, but EMI were so fearful of negative publicity after the Grundy episode, that they flatly refused to promote the single and major retailers refused to stock it.It's reckoned that had these events not happened, the record would have easily climed into the UK Top Ten.agreeing with many other people, the sex pistols are pure punk.