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Since the release of my book I Changed My Diet And Changed My Life, where I detailed how I was able to go from having 11-day long, heavy, painful periods to 4-day, pain-free periods by changing the way I eat, I speak to so many women who have painful periods and instead of doing something about it, they suffer in silence.

In an effort to tackle period poverty in the UK, The Guardian, a UK-based news outlet, reports that firms are donating products to homeless shelters amid evidence that women are forced to use newspapers and discarded fabric.She spoke about how expensive personal hygiene products were, especially menstrual items.She said that she purchases a baby diaper from her corner shop, cuts it in strips and uses it as her pad each month.While there's no exact age, most start menstruating at age 12.This experience is very daunting for these young girls because, in addition to the actual menstruation, she can feel much discomfort, including pain, vomiting and excessive bleeding.