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"But, you're single, you want to find someone, so why not?

"She spends the rest of the episode debating girth vs.

Danica Roem, who is running for house of delegates against GOP incumbent Robert Marshall, campaigns as voters take to the ballot boxes at Gainesville Middle School on Tuesday, Nov. A transgender woman unseated one of Virginia's longest-serving and most socially conservative lawmakers Tuesday and is set to make history as the first openly transgender person elected and seated in a state legislature. President Donald Trump, left, leaves a joint news conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, right, at the Blue House in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Nov. President Trump began his two-day Korean peninsula vi...

By Jim Sciutto and Mary Kay Mallonee CNN (CNN) -- CIA Director Mike Pompeo recently met -- at the urging of President Donald Trump -- with one of the principal deniers of Russian interference in the US election, according to multiple intelligence sources.

It was equally unclear what the subjects and viewers were supposed to do with this knowledge.

Get off your phones and get into the pub sounded like good advice.

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"Getting naked to find a date is probably one of the weirdest things I've signed myself up to do," contestant Aina admitted in the premiere episode.

Men married women of the same ethnic make-up as their mothers, women married men in the ethnic image of their fathers. They homed in very swiftly on the ways in which modern partner-hunting was actually limiting people's choices and corralling them into strict, ethnic boxes.

The latter idea might seem ridiculous but IS LOVE RACIST?

Each suitor stands buck naked in a colored pod protected by screens that rise slowly, stopping to give everyone a good look at their goods.

We've had visits to the Ob/Gyn that were less invasive.