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03 November 2017 - 09 November 2017 The UK's Top 100 biggest songs of the week is compiled by the Official Charts Company, based on sales of downloads, CDs, vinyl and audio streams. Click here to view the Biggest Songs of 2017 so far.We're constantly adding new exclusive videos to Katie Thomas. A membership to Katie Thomas get you access to all 23 sites in the Dogfart Network. Click here to download all of Katie Thomas's Interracial Encounters! During the filming, Barb had run in with the law that turned into worldwide news... This is a true story and appeared in every major news outlet including ABC, USA Today, Fox News and more. This site contains all 100 movies of Barb Cummings cream pie movies. I have already had about 6 different tapes put on CDs and love them all… So I would just like to say thank you for doing a wonderful job on this restoration. I just received the package in good condition and I am happy with your work. I received the CDs yesterday afternoon and am, again, very pleased with the results. When I saw the age of the records I immediately started searching for a company to do the job. Was busy so I just had chance to quickly listen to the first CD – it sounded unbelievably GREAT!! After sending my photos to Media Locks I got my finished package a little over a week later. The Quality of the sound and the picture of the cover ad play list are superb! I really thought my listing days of this service were over, then I found you on a google search. But as the saying goes, with your help, they cleaned up real nice. I can not believe the quality of the book on tape you just transferred to CD. I will recommend it to anyone who needs your services. I’ve enjoyed the great, friendly communication we have had regarding my CDs. Thanks again and I am getting VHS tapes ready to ship to you to be put on DVDs. Patricia We are enjoying our set of CDs and can hardly wait to give their sets to our adult children at Christmas! Stephanie I just wanted to let you know that I received my CD and record back safe and sound. Jennifer I received my CDs today and couldn’t be more thrilled. I am putting your business magnet on the fridge so I can use your services again! Thank you for the wonderful job you do in preserving our memories… Listening to the CDs has brought back so many old memories for me, that words can not describe. Great job, will definitely be in touch in the future with more tapes that I want on CDs! I just wanted to let you know that we received our CDs today and they sound great!!! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family! Thank you for job well done to my CDs and they are well made. Apparently he had tried to record them to CD himself before sending them to me. After making contact with Media Locks I felt they would be best for this special endeavor. The record you recorded was made about 1943, I was very surprised you were able to get out most of the hissing sounds from a record so old. This was a family keepsake and now I can hear it again. Thank you for the exceptional reproduction of the LP Album to CD. Were thrilled with its great work and will be using your services in the future. I can’t thank you enough for the CDs you made from my cassette. The tapes were 25 years old and had been played countless times so they weren’t in the best condition possible. My mom just past away last Christmas Eve and this is a real tough time on my dad and I know this is going to help him get through this tough time. I wonder if you had a good laugh while transferring my 1950s and 1960s oldies and listening to those strange songs. I will refer you if anyone else has a need for your service. Someday I will tell you the story, but my dad got so much joy out of opening his presents tonight… I will send more after the holidays and thanks for making my dad laugh. If you're waiting for the latest Katie movie to come out, just head over to Blacks On and enjoy your free full access membership to download the newest updates over there.

Also, I’d like to thank your company for providing this service for my family and me. We’d like information regarding bulk pricing for churches. Cary Last month I sent you two of my father’s records to be burned to CD. My father lives in Europe and with the many miles keeping us apart, it’s difficult to send just the right gift for such a special occasion. Today I received the two cassettes sent to you for conversion to CD. Your work is professional grade, arrived within the time as you said. Hey, love the intro – thanks so much for your extra effort there. I really appreciate your quick response and getting my little job done so quickly. The music tape was one that my husband and I used to dance to when we first met 30 years ago. If I find any more in my collection of tapes that I might want copied, I will certainly get in touch with you. We had his 90 th birthday party last weekend and everyone from the family was thrilled.

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