Britney and lane big brother dating

After failing to win the POV, Enzo cast the sole vote to evict her. On finale night, she won the America's Favorite Houseguest award.

In BB14, she was known for returning as a Coach, and helping the The Quack Pack.

The only 2 showmances that have successfully survived outside the Big Brother house is Jeff, Jordan and Brendon, Rachel.

Last weekend Big Brother 12 America’s Favorite Britney Haynes of New York married Nathan Godwin of Tulsa son of Stuart and Terry Godwin of Mansfield.

She knows that playing an emotional game isn’t always the best strategy and she is going to make sure that her team isn’t playing too emotionally and sees the big picture.

One of the most famous Showmances in recent seasons has been Rachel and Brendon (Season 12,13) as well as Jeff and Jordan (Season 11,13).() But, what I lack in visual imagery I can more than make up for in audio soundery! ) Check out this insightful, entertaining and sometimes hard-to-listen-to radio interview Nick did with Erika and Lorraine of BBAD Radio.(Big Brother After Dark) Nick comes in at the mark and hangs out for pretty much the rest of the episode.She was also noted for helping The Brigade alliance.When she failed to win HOH at the final 4, she became the target for being the only non brigade member left.