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So, on the long journey to visit the Heffley grandmother (rather annoyingly referred to as ‘Mee-Maw’), there are lavatorial and vomit jokes aplenty, many of them extracted from the inevitable stay in a ghastly motel.Still, a young half-term audience will probably find it all a hoot, and the performances are strong.There is more multi-ethnicity in the Outer Hebrides.Anyway, that just about covers the plot, or at least that of it I was able to fathom.This is the fourth of the series of films based on Jeff Kinney’s best-selling children’s books, which are close to my heart because my youngest son loved them.

With or without a sword, he just doesn’t really cut it any more as an action hero, even one as sozzled and disreputable as Captain Jack.

Verdict: Flawed documentary Rating: Johnny Depp has extracted five movies and a great deal of booty from his performances as Captain Jack Sparrow, the louche, rum-sodden pirate famously modelled on Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.

That’s fair enough; Sparrow is one of modern popcorn cinema’s finer creations. While old Richards might still be able to strike the right chord, Depp no longer does.

An arresting flashback sequence in which he is digitally de-aged (rather as Kurt Russell was in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2), has the unhelpful effect of reminding us of Sparrow in his swashbuckling pomp, when his many quirks were engaging rather than tiresome.

So Norwegian directors Joachim Ranning and Espen Sandberg are caught, you might say, between the devil and the Depp blue sea.

Brian austin green dating history