Ballbusting chatrooms

I tried to pull it away from him but i could not get it.

woman regularly bust my balls whilst wearing a variety of outfits like a cheerleader costume, sexy policewoman costume and a short sexy black dress.I said if you come over and spend the night at my house I can get my step brother to come into my room and I will get him naked. and either he grabs your balls and starts squeezing them or you grab his and started squeezing? My sister one day mention my balls when she was talking about fighting but I couldn't hear what she said.One time I don't know why because we're strait but we were smoking dope and drinking naked and all of a sudden my friend grabbed my balls and starts squeezing and yanking on them. Another time she told me she would hit my balls if I ate her cookies.she is very good at busting my balls and is very brutal.a few days ago I came into contact with a fantastic woman. I love mens ball my ex boyfriend even letted me act out on it in our relationship he let me strech thm to make them longer and bigger.