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Hamburg, 09, April 2014 - In the ninth year since the company's founding, the Hamburg aviation service provider Aviation Power Gmb H confirms a continuous growth trend with an increase of 30.84% over 2012. Hamburg, - The technical design office "Engineering Services", part of the aviation service provider Aviation Power Gmb H, a joint venture of Manpower and Lufthansa Technical Training, and one of the leading...In the future, CONDOR Schutz- und Sicherheitsdienst Gmb H (Protection and Security Service Gmb H) and Aviation Power Gmb H will work together more closely in the area of aviation-related security and support services as well as in...) Airco now turns its focus to educating companies on the value of chartering fights.

With a 30-year reputation to fly on, an expertly managed company, and top-of-the-line aircraft that has flown some very famous characters (confidentiality is assured, so don’t ask whom!

People, technology and processes for your success: As innovative specialist in comprehensive aeronautical services we ensure our customers competitiveness and flexibility through staff services and different forms of service contracts.

Our customers benefit from our high degree of industry knowledge and apply our expertise in aviation.

For emergencies, such as flying a part to an oilfield camp or quickly transporting personnel, Airco can (under ideal conditions) be airborne within 90 minutes of getting the call. Fort Chipewyan, for example, is just one location where access is primarily by barge or, in the winter, by an ice road.

For many places in Canada like this, flight is the best, and often the safest, option.