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, via Bravo TV, asked both Tebow and Chrisley if Savannah Chrisley was dating Tim Tebow, and both confirmed that they were “just friends.” However, Savannah went on to say that her mother gave her the “stamp of dating approval” when she asked about possibly becoming more than just friends.The rumors of Savannah Chrisley dating Tim Tebow first began surfacing when Savannah posted a photo with the football star — who is now, incidentally, a minor league baseball player with the Saint Lucie Mets.jared and savannah i really really like your videos... They took a break and hooked up with another people. And the reason is: Savannah had a with Leah and Arianna had little fights with Alexa, and after that the friendship between them wasn’t the same anymore. He also served as her photographer for her popular Instagram page."I really trust his eye," she previously told Daily Dot.The two went to a Sam Hunt concert together when the photo was taken.

So when they both stopped posting photos of each other on Instagram, rumors swirled that the couple had called it quits.And, as fans of Tim Tebow already know, he is nothing if not a man of strong Christian faith.Do you believe Savannah Chrisley is dating Tim Tebow or that the announcement of their dating will come soon? I didn’t say anything to him because I thought he knew how I felt and plus he reallly liked the other girl.One day we were talking and we just got into a really deep conversation and i told him exactly how I felt. It’s not the best way to start a relationship and I know that in many ways what I did was wrong but I think that everything happens for a reason and that me and Jared are meant to be together.