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K official Album Charts with 19,400 copies being sold.Up until around mid-2013, Gaskarth used a variety of custom-made Paul Reed Smith guitars, most notable the Mira.

The infants were soon found and adopted by the King of the second strongest Vampire Clan, the Nightshades, Pete and his husband Patrick. Until 200 years later Ryan and Brendon, now both the Vampire equivalent of 19 year olds find out that they are not only eachother's soulmate but also share the same second soulmate, werewolf Dallon Weekes, who's more than confused about the fact that he has two soulmates at the same time and are the heir's of his pack's sworn Enemy, Nightshade's.

He stated in a Reddit AMA that he abandoned the instruments due to difficulties replacing parts while overseas.

Gaskarth currently uses Fender guitars, most notable the Telecaster Deluxe models, although he has been seen using a Starcaster, as well as some of their acoustic models.

As he gets closer to everyone, he finds himself falling for one boy in particular, but Jack is completely against any type of relationship.

Alex makes it his goal to get Jack to open his heart up to love again, but will he be able to help Jack overcome the horrors of his past while trying to run from his own?

Are alex gaskarth and jack barakat dating