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These blind thrust faults are roughly WNW-ESE trending, parallel to the mountain front, and dip shallowly towards the south-southwest.

Several damaging historical earthquakes, such as the 1570 Ferrara earthquake, have occurred in the area.

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Information from hydrocarbon exploration demonstrates that the area is underlain by a series of active thrust faults and related folds, some of which have been detected from anomalous drainage patterns.

The earthquake of 3 June was felt throughout Northern Italy, has caused the collapse of the 18th century clock tower in Novi di Modena, already imperiled by the earthquake of recent days.

The earthquake damage in Emilia "the economy as a whole, according to some estimates could exceed 4 billion." He said the vice president of Confindustria for territorial policies and president of Confindustria Emilia-Romagna, Gaetano Maccaferri, in testimony before the Senate Committee on Industry.

After the main shock of 20 May, inspections were underway to determine which buildings were safe to reenter.

The 29 May earthquake occurred during the daytime, when many people were working.