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Click here for more information on Community Education Guidelines and Procedures This course will lay the groundwork for basic guitar playing, music notation, and practice skills.

Students will play basic major chords, read a basic melodic line, understand major scales and key signatures, and perform with correct playing technique. Cardio Kickboxing is a cardiovascular workout utilizing kicks, punches, calisthenics, and step aerobics to elevate heart rate and strengthen all major muscle groups.

This luxurious day trip will include your transportation to and from the resort, continental breakfast on the bus, a gourmet lunch at the resort, admission to the bunker tour, admission to the 235 years history of The Greenbrier presentation, admission to the Casino Club, and free slot play.

If gambling is not your thing you might choose to explore the retail shops, restaurants, and grounds.

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These units have lots of storage space and also have a balcony! We have lived here for decades and have an above-garage apartment to offer as you travel through Huntington.

Modifying poses to each person's needs, this class is suitable for all levels.

Designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a lasting interest in attaining and maintaining personal health and wellness throughout their lifetime.

Together we will find what poses will be beneficial to your personal needs.

In this class we embrace and create strength, stability and support for the spine and whole body through syncing breath and movement.