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Patronymic suffixes, such as Jr., Sr., III, and so on, are included for display, but are not indexed, as are non-author roles, which include: Historical Note: The number of authors cited varies by entry year. This field displays as part of the Source (SO) field.The Corporate/Institutional Author (CA) field contains the corporation or institution of the authors or editors as well as the department, sub-departments, and location.Nearly 80% of the database contains journal records that are accepted for coverage if archival, scholarly, peer-reviewed, and regularly published with titles, abstracts, and keywords in English.30% of the database contains material of European origin, while an additional 12% of the database is from US dissertations.

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Names and genres of instruments used are included wherever possible, as well as names, dosage and route of administration of drugs.

Most of the records from the earliest to 1966 do not have Age Groups.

The Accession Number (AN) field appears in every record, and uniquely identifies the record.

Enter the most significant words from a corporate author name to search this field.

If all corporate authors are not included, "et al" will appear after the last one.