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You can test the webcam within Skype's menu bar by selecting "Skype," "Preferences" and "Audio/Video." If you have more than one webcam connected to the Mac, select the one you want to use from the "Camera" drop-down menu. You can isolate the problem to Skype specifically by testing the webcam in another program like Face Time, Photo Booth or i Movie.The webcam will not work with Skype on a Mac if it is not correctly installed.Updating the Skype program to the latest version for all callers may resolve compatibility problems with the webcam.If you or the person you are trying to call is using Skype version 2.8 or earlier and the other person is using version 6.2 or later, you will not be able to use video.

Logitech's latest camera refines state of the art in Apple video chat.

With a 2MP sensor, great color fidelity and light response, it also has a smooth autofocus and a pleasantly sounding microphone for well under .

It's overall performance is comparable to, or beats the Apple i Sight HD built into our labs Mac Book Air on every level.

Skype version 6.2 discontinues compatibility with version 2.8 and earlier.

While Skype may work with older versions, Skype lists using the latest version as a requirement for video calling.