Accommodating ptsd in the workplace craig sheffer dating

I am trying to balance honesty with diplomacy, and hoping that this falls under the same umbrella as asking an employer if they can be flexible about start dates or telecommuting.The thing that’s jumping out to me here is that you said the job is entry-level.There might be an opportunity to raise it during the interview stage, but if not, then yeah, the offer stage is where you’d discuss it.

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And if they’re not open to it and offer you the full-time job, you could always consider it and end up determining that you’re not ready to return to full-time work after all.

But I think if you present it as definitely the only thing you’d even consider, the question of why you applied in the first place will annoy them …

This morning I woke up to an ideal-but-awkwardly-timed job posting for an entry-level position I’m eminently qualified for at a company I’d already mentally ear-marked as a good potential future employer.

The problem is that the position is full-time and I’m already committed to two part-time contracts up until the end of summer, which were supposed to be the bulk of my income this year.