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What is now called the Ring Road goes back to the 1950s when the Afghan government first gathered support from the Soviet Union and later from the United States to modernise its road system.These projects were part of the First Five-Year Economic and Social Development Plan (1956-1961) under then Prime Minister – and later President – Muhammad Daud who was assassinated in 1978.However, for this, Afghanistan would need to improve its transport systems and build new and better roads.That is probably why, in his first cabinet meeting, on 2 October 2014, Ghani ordered the ministry of public works (MPW) to complete the missing sections of the Ring Road, the country’s major highway circle, within nine months. Will the Afghan government be able to meet the deadline?He fell down the mountain, because there were no boundary walls to the side of the road and he died along with three members of his family.” According to ministry of public works, each day around 7,000 vehicles pass through the Salang tunnels, which form the part of the Ring Road connecting southern and central Afghanistan with the northern provinces.Except for the longest one, all road surfaces in the tunnels lack an asphalt cover; the lighting and ventilation are damaged and many tunnels are dark.“It is in bad shape.” Shukor pointed down the mountain slope to the wreck of a Toyota Corolla about 100 metres below.“This driver was not as lucky as I was, hitting the mountainside of the road.

(During the same years, the Soviets built Bagram airport north of Kabul, the Kabul Silo – bakery and grain storage – and the Jangalak factory.) The road totals around 2,210 kilometres (see here for a map and here for a photo gallery from The Telegraph) and is crucially important to the country’s economic interests and trade.

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In 1955, during a state visit of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchov both countries signed an agreement to build a new road crossing the Hindukush at the Salang Pass.

Its heart piece, the 1.7 miles long Salang Tunnel (actually a whole series of tunnels and roofed galleries to protect the traffic against avalanches and rocks), was opened in 1964; some sources say in 1967.

1oo cent dating site afghanistan